Son Dambi on Love

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Anyone heard of Son Dambi? She's in Cambodia and she's spreading some love. If you're thinking of charity work, then you're definitely wrong although he did some little in a form of teaching the kids to sing, cause he's been filiming for a new episode of a korean tv channel for the program called 'Love'. the pic above shows the boy who is one of the cast which Son Dambi meets. It's about how a young boy in a very young age acts as the head of the family. Love also had some korean idols in the show aside from Son Dambi and it will air on December 4th next month. And if you're looking for apartment for rent then maybe you can take a look at my guide for choosing the right locatioon of the place. It's really comprehensive and it might help you if you're looking for a place to stay here in manila or if you're planning to move to another place.


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