One Piece gets an eye popping 3d movie

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Fans rejoice! the Shounen Anime Series One Piece will be having a 3d movie for the very first time. I still don't know if this will be the very first shounen anime who get a 3d movie and I'm excited to see the results, I still don't get if this will be full 3d experience cause the video above shows an ordinary 3d movie packed in a dvd/blu-ray release. What I'm expecting is a full 3d experience with you 3d-glasses on, and that would be an epic win. Perhaps this will be a good start for other anime series and perhaps a great way to enjoy another satisfying moment in the cinema. My girlfriend though still prefer american/pinoy movies so it will take time for me to ask her to accompany me to watch my favorite anime series. Anyway my call center buddies will be going with me for sure and that would be a great time for us to get some anime treatment. The trailer was short and I'm expecting more action, and yeah, the toriko trailer is also part of it. Perhaps they belong to thesame company. Anyway just enjoy the action guys, I hope this will be released here or else I'll be looking for some ways to see the movie itself

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