RANDOM: Too Cute to be ignored

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just got this video in youtube and I was amazed on how the cat reacted in fitting to smaller boxes. I bet that the cat has been comfortable in lurking inside the boxes and that's why he put the effort in fitting in even though that he can't fit inside it. well, it's instinct and cats doesn't have the brains to analyze the situation that he can't fit in the box. Hmmmmm, I guess this post is lost but i don't have a blog yet that would qualify the location of this post so i just inserted it here in my Ksensation blog. Anyway, I'll put some random post here if I found something interesting like this. I just wonder if a mouse is much popular to cats. I wish there's an experiment to this cause I interested to know because I'm an animal lover too. anyway if you're looking for an apartment for rent or a job. please have a time to read my call center guide and apartment for rent guide.

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