IU shows cuteness

Sunday, November 21, 2010 by , under

Here's IU with a representation of her cutesy image. If you haven't known IU she debuted in korea in 2008 with her mini album Lost and Found which is known for her strong vocals and is where fans have looked up upon. Am not hearing news of her lately but I had a chance to peek in her twitter account with some photos of her doing some moe-like poses which the fans have reacted as extremely cute. I just wonder how people got the news of her posting a pic in twitter and I'd say that they are fast to react and how they got the news and spread it to the blogsphere so fast. Anyway I loke the way he winked here with some great bling bling on her eyes. She looks like Eun-Yoon-Hye here in a different way although I'd prefer Yoon-Eun-hye because of her super fluffy cheeks but I'd say that IU had some cute fluffy and pinky cheeks too plus the lips are totally alluring. I know that my call center friends will react with this too because they like chinita girls and super fair girls.

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