Younha sings with the New Pokemon Movie

Friday, November 19, 2010 by , under

To say it the least, I haven't known that there will be a new pokemon movie to be released but then I'm surprised that it's really cool to know that younha is behind the voice of the new MV of the movie to be released. I was very pleased to know this cause I've been an avid fan of pokemon when I was a kid and pikachu was my favorite. Time passed then my pokemon liking had decreased but till now, the nostalgic feeling still remains. The night time watching when I was a kid was a very plesant experience when I was with my family. I still know the all types of pokemon but now i can't barely tell their evolutionary stages. Well, younha's voice is very outstanding and to say that it captures the music videos theme she did a great job in singing it. I just wonder on when the korean version of the series will be released. And I think I'll be watching the pokemon movie along with my call center guys. Instead of looking for some starcraft 2 crack I have to say that it's better for them to stop doing that.

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