Choi SiWon promotes WS-100 Reaction Phone

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Super Junior Hunk Choi Siwon appeared in a video promoting the new Reaction Phone. The video starts really fast and I say that it's been fun to watch the singer play different role in an action scene. Though the fast paced video is too short for a 30s commercial that might give the fans a sudden rush and urge to want SiWon more. Am not that tech junkie but I'd say koreans are good in manufacturing their smartphones, a good example to this one would be Samsung Galaxy Spica that is perfect rival for apple's iPhone series. In terms of advertising korean trend would probably get the asian market for this plus their appearances in korean dramas with their product promotion is so effective. And with regards to this video I'm thinking that this phone has an improved UI. I hope that call center agencies have some uber cool advertising just like koreans do.

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