Shoujo Jidai is SNSD

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Girl's Generation or SNSD should I say will be taking jpop scene again in a whole new package. Their group will be called Shoujo Jidai which sounds much cooler compared to their uncool Girl's Generation name. At least they sound more like a girl group now instead of a federation name. On the other news they've been hitting japanese music charts in their debut single "Genie" which is a huge hit in the korean market. Now the japanese version is slowly crawling to succcess according to RIAJ which certified their album as a GOLD one for shipping a 100k copies on the month of semptember. Their current ranking is #62 on the year end charts according to Oricon.

I have to say that Koreans are taking some huge share on the japanese music industry. One good example for this is DBSKs success on the japanese market and I'm a witness that they can deliver goodies to the crowd because they can bring a whole package from singing to dancing. And their live performances is really really good. Well, I can't blame them cause they're really hard working and passionate on what they do. Even here in the philippines their fanship are totally crazy with Korean trends. I just hope that their starcraft 2 dominance would bring back the popularity two just stop the starcraft 2 crack nonesense here cause it ruins everything.

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