TVXQ japanese album rearrangement now released

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Yes indeed, TVXQ had some classical japanese album rearrangements for it's 5 year promotion of their albums in japan is now already out for sales last December 29. Though the group has now officially disbanded or should I carefully say, been on a hiatus. They've made some pretty intriguing release of their album for sale. The songs are arranged in order of popularity. This comes with Mirotic at first followed by Stand by you, Hug and Love in the Ice respectively. Album comes in 2CDS which pretty obvious since it contains lots of track which won't fit on single CD alone. On the Side note the two remaining Duo of TVXQ will be performing and this might be a sign that they will be performing apart. Duo will be performing for it's comback this 3rd of January 2011. Anyway, I'll be getting this cityville cheats guide for you guys, before this thing gets patched up by zynga.

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