Hanteo "2010 singer award" finally released

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As I anticipated SNSD bags the top spot for the Hanteo 2010 singer award. Heres the actual figures of the contenders with it's respective album sales below. Though I'm expecting that Shinee's comeback would get the first place but still the all girls are still dominating the korean pop charts and album sales.

  • SNSD - 303442
  • SuJu - 262610
  • Shinee - 154332
  • JYJ - 127456
  • B2ST - 100000 (estimates)

I have to give a big congratulations to the girls as well as the contenders and pop groups in korea who's been enlisted in the top 5. Though almost all singers deserves congratulations for their efforts and hardwork and that they enriched in the KPOP community they are all winners to the fans. Anyway I was surprised that JYJ made it in the top 5 even though they're a newly made team from the DBSK group. Their fan base is really really huge. I have to mention the cityville players out there looking for some cityville cheats , here's a thorough guide to you

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