Tales Series Gets Food Treatment.

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If you've got some Wii and a fan of the Tales series I hope you don't get dissapointed of the most hacks you'll find on the Tales of Graces. Sadly I'm not a fan of the japanese game series of the Wii. But if you get hungry and you've been planning to fill your stomach with curry, then tales of graces have it's own set of tale's flavored curry to have a good playing experience. Anyway guys, I think I'll be on a hiatus for a couple of days now to concentrate more on my work, but I'll grab a chance to post if there's some striking news that needs some attention.So some nice and cool kpop and asian news will be on a pause to compensate for the time needed to improve my programming skills. And yes, the pinay scandal and call center promotion will be on a halt too. I don't know on how it will affect my money pages but I think it will still perform well in the background without any optimizations.

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