Lee Hyori had a good time with her fans

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Fan camp this november 10,2010 is surely one of the things that the fans have treasured of specially when they celebrate a two day one night event with lee hyori. The count of 100 fans was too little ofcourse for lee hyori to accomodate but it's still better than nothing. One thing's for sure, they just had a great night with the hottest and talented celebrity in korea. Despite the busy schedule and the long wait, Lee hyori still managed to pull it off by having a great time and moment with her fans. Lee hyori looks really gorgeous and I'm an avid follower of her tracks and albums. I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of her music but I deeply like the way he sings and her pretty face just captures it all. My call center friends do like her too and in fact she got a huge fan base here in the philippines. What really captured the heart of the fans is her final performance of her in a acoustic environment by singing and playing the guitar perfectly with her debut track 10 minute and ofcourse her popular songs.

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