Hatsune Miko, some damn optics technology

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Got this really cool video on youtube featuring Hatsune Miko live in a concert and I was totally amazed on what I saw. It's japanese and they just made a lively singing Miko! I hope I was there in the concert and see how it really felt up close with an advanced 3d technology dancing and singing at thesame time. I was thinking if it's possible to replicate that in the philippines with 3d glasses on but it's total dumbass seeing people in concert hall with freakin glasses. I don't know what kind of technology they use to have a much realistic feel of an anime character in front of you. Am not fan of hatsune miko, am just totally amazed on how japanese pull that thing off. If my call center dudes see this, she''ll be on rampage and she'll stop downloanding some psp games download and shift her attention watching this kind of stuff. Hmmmmmm This is totally the future. I Imagine if Netbook and Laptops would be equip like this, much a 3d likeshow, then that would definitely kick the ass of IMAX. Although that would be a platform ofcourse

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