Unfamiliar music arised from J.Y.J

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Some of the guys at dbsk(mikki,junsu,Jae jong) made a comeback with it's unfamiliar music which didn't sound too kpopy, fans of course had some mixed emotions with the two sound tracks which is not that catchy for their new style of music. The trio had some ground in the music scene and the new style might be a good move for the undying fans to support their new group JYJ. Yet most still believe a comeback would be possible for the former dbsk members to be reunited to the two guys left in SM. Rumors of their first album "The Beginning" is on the momentum right now especially that they've collaborated to the controversial rapper Kanye West. This can be considered as a kick-start for their first global tour which will be this 2010, which is too late I supposed since holidays are up ahead and 2011 might be a better choice for the group to begin. Well, I hope you had a good time for the two new soundtracks of the guys. The title is still unconfirmed though it might give you a hint on what kind of music will they make for their group revival.Instead of looking for pinay scandal I hope you have the time first to listen for their upcoming music guys. Hope you get some really cool time with the new group.



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