Why no? It's John Park that's why

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Some pictures of John Park spreading all over internet communities with what you call a total chick magnet. Yes! It's john park guys and the controversial idol or should I say chick magnet has been doing some power moves I suppose by what you could see, simple yet very effective way to be cuddled by a girl. The girls allegedly an american Idol contestant and would be airing in a couple of months now I suppose. I hope this could be some really really hot topic for netizens who's been being super invasive to ones privacy. In my case I really don't care if she's been a total chick magnet, I mean it can't be avoided he has the charisma and the looks to top it all. Well, you can't blame john park for being a total girl getto type. Heck I think It's too much for the fans for this as they're getting too attached to one's idol. Why not get a psp and download some psp games instead of whinning of john park's attitude

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