Shoujo Jidai performs in Music Station

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I've been wrting for the SNSD girls now Shoujou Jidai in japan. They've been on live performance on Music station and the video proves some really good performance by them. They've been starting but they're on the right track already with some super cool and cute performance by the girls. Sadly the video's out of synced and haven't got nice capture of the lively realism. Though many commenters on youtube thought that they've doing some lip syncing but if you'll watch closely before they perform the two hosts are also out of synced. I know that music station are known for the reputation of showing live performances so I know that this is legit pure singing by SNSD. I definitely love seeing they're colorful jeans while dancing in high heels yet they're facial expressions are so damn cute. I definitely love them. I know that my call center friends like their performances too.

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