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I won't be surprised if maxim korea get bankrupt. If you're an average maxim reader you'll probably be pissed when you see this video cause the most important thing is missing in there. BIKINIS!! For all the years I've seen my friends reading maxim I got interested from the content it has but I think this maxim korea franchise is overly conservative. Boys will still be boys and it won't sell like pancakes if it's missing the bikini and uberly sexy babes. It's a mens mag and not a trendy style fashion magazine for girls. This won't sell and if it does sell, sor sure they're the korean fags who's dying to see their idol or anything related to korean fashions or something. I hope you know what koreanophile means? I hope they changed up their minds and see what pure bikini power can do. My call center friends just want to be enraged just seeing the comments in online communities of how crazy they get to this.

 I hope they do get some brains to the ones in charge of selling maxim mags in korea cause the potential of this to sell in batches is crazy if they just remove the restrictions. Well, they do have some policies and I do respect it but in business terms I highly doubt that it will be successful. perhaps my arguments are flawed cause i haven't been in korea and I'm just an average blogger with some highly predictive skills when it comes to this. But judging from the trend and the behaviour of the common. This sure would pretty be loser in country looking for B's. Please don't hate me for I have to post like this but opinions are opinions and this is my blog anyway, Hope the managers of their branch know's what the definition of men's mag is.

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