I'll be back dance by Viktoria and NickChun

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Not a fan of the mv but I have to agree that their dance is totally cool. With respect to choreography of course, the best dance out there would be Lucifer's shinee but performance wise 2PM is top notch too. =) If you're looking for a complete dance then you can't find the 2pm boys doing their thing here instead nick chun and viktoria are doing some fun time with each other doing the I'll be back dance and practicing it with each other. At first you'll see viktoria struggling but in the end she managed to cope up with Nick. Koreans for sure are really good dancers, they can easily follow the tune and the dance steps in just a glance. I'm a frustrated wannabe dancer but I can dance provided that there's some time to practice. I just look for some psp games download out there and fix this Starcraft 2 crack to get my earnings back... Sigh ^^

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