Shoujo Jidai, japanese version of "GEE" unleashed

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I've been a fan of watching this kind of music videos because they're totally fun to watch. I have to admit that I like kPoP music but to I've never been biased in judging on what I see. Shoujo Jidai perfectly nailed the performance, execution and translation has been done perfectly and the dance was sheer brilliance to me. If I'm going to compare on which is better between the korean version and the japanese version I have to pick the japanese one cause it sounds much cuter and easy to follow compared to the korean version. This could also be a candidate too as an anime theme song but I doubt that it might happen but who knows? you could be listening this music in the future. And yes, I don't know the members of Shoujo Jidai (SNSD) but I've been seeing and watching them from the very beginning. Dancing in high heels is really difficult so just doing the dance and singing at the same time is nerve breaking. Totally love this!!! I hope my call center friends got this news from now and they've been following this after their work.

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