Shin Se Kyung starts the mellody in "Acoustic"

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Am not ranting what movie will this Acoustic thing will be but I know that Shin Se Kyung will capture the hearts of the fans(call center friends) and guys who's been looking for her melody. The first time I saw her I just awed with her voice and her angelic looks. Not because I'm biased of being an asian but because I truly like her style, Although sometimes melodramatic is not my taste but the fact that she sings pretty well and she carries and delivers the emotion is truly fantastic. Although I like more of the KPOP style I still listen to acoustic and emo-like tune if I want to relax. For some reason it helps me sooth the stress and makes me sleep faster than keeping a silent environment in the background. The truth is her facial expressions is much more noticeable than her terric voice, I just like her nose and the total package she brings to the listeners of her music.

I hope Shin Se Kyung will gather momentum and earn more reputation for her singing career. Although I haven't seen her in a modeling environment i think she'll have the place on it. Conservative yet appealing is a thing that we can't ignore to her. Although guitars and mellow music is already perfect i hope she ventures in a whole different scene in show business as well. I  know my call center friends are dying to see her, she kinda looks like Eun Yoon Hye which is much more popular to her

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