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Vedio it is and it is not video but it's totally vedio. This is an experiment for the keyword vedio, google trends showed a graph after I typed the word vedio and I was amazed how high the graph reached. Well I started my blog again and I've been thinking if this will work. The domain age of this one is pretty old for a starter so I better try doing some experiment. I stumbled Macuha's book the guerilla blogging and noticed that high paying sites have done a great job experimenting SEO tricks. I just hope that this vedio thing would work and that this vedio keyword would last.

I still have the feel of my new blog and I'm a bit lazy since I ditched my blog. Other than this one I got another serious blog in which I won't tell at first. Hope my second attempt at blogging will be successful now, the making money online is very challenging for me. Anyway I'll be adding some improvements with this blog and add some useful widgets to this one.

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