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Yes this is a personnal blog of me. Noticed something? It's personnal and not personal. Well I'm thinking again of another hijacked keyword by doing some misspelled experiments. There's nothing to lose guys. The vedio thing in my last post is not enough if you want traffic inflation. The concept is to rank high trend low density keywords. Anyway if you're looking for a personnal blog then you can count on this one. It's that I have no time thinking to what I will write on my post and just have a hassle free writing in my blog. The other blog which I maintain is another good niche which I would obviously not reveal. It's definitely suicidal in my part if I'll reveal my niche. The good about personnal blogs is that you have no authority to prove it's because you are the authority. You can google in Danny Choo since he's one of my idols too in the blogosphere. He's great having a personnal blog with so so high traffic. If you are new into blogging then I hope you should start now and reap the rewards of making money online.

Anyway do you a twitter account? you can add me by clicking here. I got a few followers and I'm thinking of unfollowing them. Most of the followers I have are spam and it's not a good way to earn traffic most of them will not even reply to you if you put the "@" characters. I think this will end my personnal post and personnal hijacking of the keyword personnal.^^

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