"Heroes" members roams the street

Sunday, October 10, 2010 by , under

With unusual outfit the members of hereos have gotten some really weird marketing strategy by roaming the streets posing and doing some unusual stuff in a patients outfit. This might seem really really odd but for koreans who've been doing business or marketing they know that the best marketing is personal marketing. It's like doing some socialization with the citizens,fans or whatsoever you call it. If this might seem stupid for you then perhaps you should know that rising stars like SNSD marketed their way by doing tons of stuff like this and ofcourse doing great music. Don't know what this heroes stuff mean but one of my friends told me that this is something like a korean tv series or something which will air on October 10th(today). If you got the time for the series to watch then please do so and sent us some feedback on what this tv series will fair. A simple comment won't hurt of your time right? Instead of looking for starcraft 2 crack then this might be a good time waster instead of it.

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