Chae Yeon - Some Goodnight sweetums

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Chae Yeon has been doing some sweetum finishes before going to sleep. With her picture featuring her really cute cute face. I had to say that her skin's really really fair and without makeup she's still beautiful unlike other stars who just shines with makeup on. Though Koreans had really fair skin and almost all of them got this coolest and the most great complexion ever. Well, the cute part is how she make faces on the cam and with those smirks, nothing beats social media in connecting to her fans. Thanks Twitter for connecting the fans to their loving idol

From Chae Yeon's Twitter:

Have a good night~~^^ Woke up after dozing off, I wonder if I’ll be able to fall asleep again~ Aheung (>人<;) Although it’s a little frank, I think my eyebrows look good ke ke Boasting about my self (#^.^#) Looks like I’ll have to thank my dad today for giving me pretty eyebrows~~ Kkyak

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