How to play Left 4 Dead Online

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Left 4 Dead is the best multiplayer game in 2008 by IGN, GAMESPY and other gaming publications because of it's solid gameplay. The excitement you feel while you're being chased by zombies is like no other. Although the campaign mode is fun if you want to follow the story line, nothing beats the excitement you feel when you play it with your friends. Usually computer shops and arcade stations are good places to play left 4 dead because of it's LAN based game hosting. The question now is how you can play left 4 Dead if you're at home with thesame excitement you feel on playing LAN hosted games with your friends. The good thing is that you can utilize the power of the internet to connect to them and play Left 4 Dead with the feel of playing lan based games. Now how the heck will you do that?. I've done some research on how you can play Left 4 Dead online and try different methods. I've looked to their official site and they're offering steam. Steam is a platform where you sign up an account and play left 4 Dead there. But I've heard some complications when integrating Left 4 Dead in Steam. If it doesn't work out ,you can also play left 4 dead Online using GARENA. Here's a good link on how you can play left 4 dead online. It's much easier to set things up and it's also free. The players playing left 4 dead there is also in high numbers. Garena has been used in playing other games too like Call of Duty, counterstrike and Red Alert 3. I think you should consider playing in Garena first instead of Steam.

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