2pm released a short teaser for "I'll be back"

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The fans must have been waititng for this. The comeback and everything for sure will be a hit tommorow. 2PM's teaser trailer has been out in youtube for the fans to be rejoicing with. The new title's I'll be back has never been this perfect for the upcoming rebound of the hottest time of the day 2PM. Well the short clip displayed some freakin cool voice and little snapshot of the group practicing the choreography yet it's just the right formula for the fans to get excited with. I know that there must be something explosive for the release tommorow of the video and definitely it's been another music video with smexy cool dance moves. If you're looking for another starcraft 2 crack perhaps you better think twice and stop what you are doing. I know that 2PM may not be your taste but at least have a look at the short teaser trailer of the video and for sure you'll be loving it.

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